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In this section, you will find answers to many questions you may have about our products, our company, our facility,
our shipping procedures and more. We buy and sell literally anything leftovers… but no food, cosmetics, computer or cell phone.

Who owns this merchandise?
Because of a broad category, Fanco does not buy whatever we found, basically we pay certain deposit to manufacturer in
case of they sell to anyone else, we do buy stocklots unless it’s extremely arrgressive on prices.

Please describe the type of goods.
Our stocklots is first quality, 100% authentic exporting merchandise. We carry both branded and private label goods.
We do not sell customer returns or defects.

Where is this merchandise located, and price term?
Basically in China, very rarely in US / EU; Trade terms FOB China like Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Guangzhou,
Shenzhen etc, CNF/CIF as per customer request.

Is there proper documentation stating that the merchandise is genuine and authentic?
Do you provide paper work for branded offers (e.g. sanitized invoice, brand release)?
China OEM everything here, sometimes we're not allowed to sell the leftovers, as restrictions when factory signed to be a IKEA
or Disney supplier. Anyhow we will try best to provide any necessary paperwork or documentation to prove its reliability and
permission to sell it off.

Is it possible to receive a sample? And do inspection before loading?
Yes, we offer sample but not cover the shipping cost; 3rd party agency is welcomed, if you do not have one, we have experienced
inspection team working more than 10years avoid any defects.

Fanco is an international stocklot / closeout liquidator and scooter wholesaler with more than 10 years of experience. We are a team of
professional off-price buyers and experienced sellers who know our industry well.